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Hi! My name is Vidushi Shrivastava (she/her), and I am a recent college graduate. I graduated from the University of Cincinnati a year early, acquiring a Bachelors in Fine Art from a prestiged art program called DAAP (Design, Architecture, Art and Planning). 

I am quite an determined and assertive individual with lots of creative interests and endeavors that have served me well. I’m an all around creative, obsessed with everything from performance arts to content creation, with a huge penchant for strategic creative planning as social media and outreach platforms continue to vastly grow. I always have a conversation bubbling about the Adobe suite, marketing trends, cinema updates, and I always keep a dad joke handy. I am a strong ENJF, and this means I love being around and working with people, am passionate in my work, and I strive to create meaningful work that fulfills me and inspires those around me. 

Check out my work on the left side of this website, and let's connect!


Based in

Columbus, OH

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