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Artist Statement -


My body of work is a series that explores multiple facets of my identity, primarily focusing on what it's like growing up as a first generation immigrant in the United States. The work I've crafted focuses on elements in my childhood home that hold grave significance in my mind and also topics of beauty standards (primarily those that are Eurocentric), facing colorism growing up and my personal experiences with modeling and pageantry, all while drawing allusions from Renaissance art works. My primary medium is photography and digital art that I like to use my photography and writing with together to create works. 

My work is an extension to my self navigation with identity, and, like all of my work, a reflection of it through the elements I deliberately choose to include in the photographs. This work is primarily digital and works in my most preferred medium of fine art photography. It felt like the best for this project because you are able to get the most realistic renderings but also be able to play around with what you want to be shown in an image. This work also shows my first time working with strobe lighting and working in a studio setting to create my works.

Through research and drawing inspiration from my favorite artists like Rana Young, Nydia Blas, Wendy Redstar, Peter DeVito, Kara Walker, etc, I encourage the viewer to think about the male gaze and its implication. These artists' work draws the viewer in and has elements of their identity embedded in their work, which is my aim as well. They also challenge the normative societal expectations of beauty and culture while respectfully embodying their heritage and culture. 

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